Course Title: 2014 Residential Envelope Air Sealing Requirements

Course #0611690, 1 General Credit



Across the country, states are individually implementing higher standards for residential construction. A recent focus is to require more stringent standards of construction in relation to energy efficiency. One change that may require a change in the process of builders and their trades is the mandatory requirement of passing a building envelope leakage test. This course is designed to inform participants of the new mandatory code requirement and related code requirements to aid houses in passing the test the first time.

The overall goal of this course is to ensure participants are familiar with current and future changes to the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, Section R402.4 Air Leakage requirements to improve the likelihood that buildings are constructed in accordance with the building code. 



Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what the envelope leakage test measures

  • Define the mandatory target required for all houses to meet

  • List mandatory air sealing locations

  • List best practices for selecting an envelope leakage tester