Deciphering Manual J and Manual S Calculations
CILB Course # 0612379,  ICC #22119  /  2 CEUs of General Credit

Course Description
Section R403.6.1 of the Florida Energy Code requires that Residential HVAC systems are selected in accordance with ACCA Manual S, based on heating and cooling loads calculated according to Manual J. ACCA has approved seven software packages, each with different print out styles based on Manual J.  This course explains what is commonly found on these forms, the technical definitions for the loads calculated and what to look for to ensure that the submitted calculation actually matches the structure that it was submitted for.



Course Objectives

The participant will learn to:

•            Obtain resources for information on ACCA approved software engines

•            Confirm that the Manual S used HVAC loads calculated by Manual J  

•            List five important parameters to check on the forms